Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok. I love to eat. I mean I really really...REALLY love to eat. Having said that, I am a fairly picky eater, but I consider great food one of God's most beautiful gifts. And Wednesday night, I was blessed with one of the most wonderful meals of my life, provided by "The Lord of the Ribs", aka Charlie. It was a trilogy. Boston butt, pork tenderloin, and baby back ribs. After dinner we were prayed for by dear friends. What a send off to China!

We have been stuck in New York all day at JKF due to a HUGE delay caused by bad weather in Beijing. In a couple of hours we will be on a 13 hour Air China flight to Beijing and then on to Jinan via Shandong Airlines (China's little rickshaw in the sky!)

More later.

Keep praying!


marcia calender said...

At least you had one final great meal for a while before the octopus soup, frog fritters and fried chicken foot. But it will all be worth it. We love you, are lifting you up and are getting excited for you . Marcia and Tom

Edward said...

Glad to know you are safely on your way! Our prayers cover you (all 3 of you)! And we will pray for God's Glory to surround you and to be evident to all you meet!
The Sullivans.

Sophia5993 said...

We are delighted that you are now in the midst of the dream that our Lord put in your hearts years ago! We are so proud of you both for taking on this amazing mission trip with faithful obedience. Little Lily will bloom beautifully surrounded by her welcoming older brothers (and brother-in-law), sisters, and you, her loving Christ-honoring parents. We send our love and prayers.
James, Julie, and Lori

marcia calender said...

Blessings on you with these new experiences and cultural nuances that may be frustrating for you. It will all work out with you showing graciousness to your host country. We are so happy that you are near to meeting and falling in love with Lily. We are checking on your Alabama family today. We love you.Tom and Marcia

Charlie said...

You've never blogged before and I can't ever remember leaving a comment that wasn't anonymous! We, as do all of your friends, continue to pray for your journey to bring your new daughter home!

The Shamburgers

Ted Cheek said...

CHIP and SUSAN! We are waiting to hear from you when you get to the final place.
Love you, Ellen and Ted

doddie said...

What a joyous Father's Day gift to both of you. Very special for a Grandparents as well. She certainly is a sweet little doll!

Blair said...

Good thing you filled up on ribs before heading over to be immersed in Chinese fare where Lily ate your Goldfish Crackers. Ha!