Tuesday, July 13, 2010


If I tell you that our lives have been sort of upended for the last week or so, that would be putting it mildly. Susan and I had explained to the kids about, and prepared ourselves for the "adjustment period" that we are now in the middle of.  But truthfully, and I and don't want to sound too self-focused here, I am the one that seems to have the most adjusting to do.  It started Lily's first night here.  We were told that it would probably be best if Lily slept in our bed for  "a little while" to help her "feel secure".  Now I have never been a kids in my bed kind of guy, but in the spirit of compassion that I am so famous for, I agreed.  Susan and Lily got settled in and as soon as I started to get in the bed, Lily, in her plainest English to date, waved at me and said in a very stern tone "Bye Bye Papa, Bye Bye!" I ignored her and got in bed. Susan says to me " well you could lay on the floor for just a few minutes until she falls asleep".  WHAT???????  I guess I have just not come far enough along in my spiritual journey to eat that slice of humble pie.  I refused. Lily eventually calmed down, and now is sleeping happily through the night in our bed. Susan has transitioned her to napping in the crib, so hopefully she will be out of my room and sleeping solo very soon.

I have also had to admit to a new and most glaring reality...  It is not all about me! That is the biggest adjustment I think, brought on by this situation. Adoption shifts your focus outward. This child, who I do not know, from another culture, who speaks very little english, and has only recently started to like me, needs love and protection and provision.  She needs to know Jesus, and we have been called to the task. It has interfered with my sleep, my bacon wrapped shrimp dinners, my free time, time with my other children and just about anything else you can name. You know what?  And I'm thinking this as I type. Maybe that's why God speaks so much about adoption.  It ties in so well with other biblical themes like servanthood and dying to self and looking out for the interest of others. Those concepts to me are much simpler on paper.  Living them is difficult sometimes. But adoption forces the issue and through the process I can already tell that our family is growing spiritually.  We are changing.

I am changing.  About time!


Oh yea, I mentioned last blog the problem Lily was having a problem with our dog. She literally screamed like she was being tortured every time Rocket was in the room. Now the tables have turned, a couple of times.  Lily, when Rocket came up and tried to lick her leg, screamed and bopped him on the head.  I guess he decided that Lily was alpha dog, and became terrified of her.  She loved the change and chased him around the house relentlessly trying to bop him. Now, in just a couple of days time they have become friends.  She hand feeds him and pets him kind of gently.  We are thankful that the two have adjusted to each other.


doddie said...

That look, I think she knows she has you all going just fine!

Blair said...

Heaven help the girl who stands between you and your bacon-wrapped shrimp! :-)

Blair said...

When is your next posting coming?????