Tuesday, July 20, 2010


They say you can't go back. Well, last night I spent several hours pouring over countless pages of  directions and sifting though hundreds of plastic parts putting together a play kitchen that Susan bought for Lily's birthday. I have such memories of late night Christmas Eve and pre-Birthday assembly sessions. Twenty-five years ago when I first started doing this, I would "sometimes" grumble and complain about the incoherent instructions and the impenetrable packaging.  I would lament my loss of sleep as I tried to figure out how to attach Part A to Part B at 2 a.m.  But as you long time parents know, in less than a blink, toy castles and kitchens and swing sets and basketball goals give way to clothes and make-up and fishing poles and electronic gadgets. No assembly required. OK, this is starting to get sappy. Anyway, I had a blast constructing Lily's Disney Princess Kitchen Extravaganza.  And even though I did not make it to bed until after 1:30 I still could not get to sleep.  I just kept thinking how blessed Susan and I are to be able to experience these special childhood moments again.

So, as it turns out, you can go back.  However, it does cost around $30,000, and you have to take a trip across the globe.  It requires being investigated by numerous government agencies, and produces countless other inconveniences and aggravations.  Worth every bit of it. Guaranteed!



Ashley Vice said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!!

paynecounselor said...

Hey it looks like Lily and your puppy are friends now! Happy Birthday Lily. You have the best parents and the very best siblings a child could ask for. God is good and has been so good to you!

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog.....how awesome to get to see a child come alive as the love of Christ is poured and poured into her life! She is absolutely beautiful and what a beautiful journey the Lord is taking your family on. keep pressing on!!!! Amy